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Welcome to the site! Need in the opening of your own beauty salon in Badulla or just want to buy the apparatus for personal use? Vertical Solarium BU buy. On online you will find what you want! In the sale of there is a solarium with different with the cockpit view, with vertical and horizontal arrangement of the lamps for various purposes, both professional and homemade. You can choose the most suitable size, method of installation and power on the device and purchase it online, leaving the appropriate application. Prices on the solarium is not high, but the quality is backed up with a guarantee and all the necessary with the appropriate documents. Where can you buy a deck. Buying a solarium on the shares in Badulla, you can have time to purchase a great tanning bed with minimal costs. As you can fulfill some conditions of sales to obtain discounts.

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Tips for selection of professional tanning in the salon

Getting tanning today is a very popular procedure in the city of Badulla. Mostly use it in health and medical institutions, fitness clubs. But, the greatest demand solarium use in salons and beauty studios. After all, every fashionista want to have a perfectly smooth bronze tan, but not everyone can afford to spend hours lying on the beach. Equipment for Solarium. And to keep your tan, obtained naturally, all very hard. If you wish to obtain a solarium for use in the beauty salon, then you need to consider few basic requirements. The device has served you properly for many years and fully paid off in the shortest time not worth it to save on quality equipment. That margin is important criterion in selecting an instrument for salon business. Give preference to a proven producers with the maximum number of positive reviews. Pay special attention to the materials from which made the solarium. They need to be durable. A day in beauty salons in Badulla can come a large number of people to acquire a tan. It is important that the design could withstand repeated daily use and meets all the requirements and standards for safe operation. Choose solarium, the more convenient in handling. Sanitary requirements has not been canceled. After each client you have to clean the solarium, using secure means. Dimensions vertical Solarium. From the power lamp depends on how quickly the procedure will be the sun. Horizontal version of solarium one visitor can be up to 20 minutes. The best power lamp 120 — 160W. Vertical solarium is designed for at least a long period of acquiring the sun. It is not over 12 minutes. That is why, the lights must be powerful and have the metrics 180 — 230V. Don't forget about the timely replacement of the lamps every 800 hours of operation. Full description

Advice in choosing a home solarium for the house

In order to to have a beautiful tan all year round makes sense to purchase a solarium for home use. He will help you save on numerous visits to the salons. Tan legs in the tanning bed. Buying of home Solarium for themselves in the city of Badulla need to pay attention to the proven model from the well-known solarium manufacturers. Today there are four main types. Looi size mini in fixed and foldable variations, unilateral and bilateral types. The last two species of solarium the most convenient, as correspond to the average growth of a person and allow you to take a tan on large areas of skin at a time. In the bilateral type, it is possible to obtain tan from all sides simultaneously. Household options not possess high capacity. The number of lights in them is not great. Time daily obtain the sun will be a little longer than a professional salon tanning. Consider Badulla cost of replacement equipment. Mini home Solarium reviews. Lamps have a standard duration of service equal to approximately 800 hours. Give your choice of the low-pressure lamps. With them the procedure tanning will be as healthful.

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How is the purchase of the solarium online?

Obtaining different goods in the city of Badulla online extremely comfortable. This is for, and tanning beds. As to stand in vertical Solarium. All versions devices are represented in the catalogue with description and price. You remain only pick a suitable in all respects. Carefully complete graph with data for feedback. Specify model tanning your chosen species. Immediately resource will deduct the amount for the discount and show the ultimate the price of the item. The tanning price. Your phone number contact you sales consultants tanning salons in Badulla to confirm purchase and details. Successful! Here it is


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